Health Profession Pathways

Because Pathways is the helping hand college students deserve. Health Profession Pathways is a new program directed by the Pre-Health Student Resource Center at the campus of the University of Minnesota. Pathways mission is to support historically underrepresented students to achieve their goal of becoming a health professional.

For this project, the director of Pathways needed a visual identity that makes this program recognizable to both students and faculty. The program is about providing a personalized roadmap for students. To illustrate this message, the logo and other touch points utilize lines as a design element.


+ Brand Strategy

+ Brand Identity

+ Graphic Design

students working on chemisty lab. Goals of the project
pathways logo with description of the program
stylescape of the creative direction
logo system with the three different types of logos
Pathways values cultural diversity
University of Minnesota banner
pathways values commitment
pathways event table and social media