Urban Scout

Urban Scout is the inspiring guide designed for the local residents of the city of Minneapolis. In the form of a mobile app, residents have the ability to visit a wide variety of locations including parks, museums and gardens. Urban scouts unique appeal is the ability to encourage residents to be physically active while exploring the city. The app gives detailed descriptions of many iconic locations for residents to learn and have a newfound appreciation for the city they call home.


  • UX/ UI Design

  • Interaction Design


The city offers a physically active lifestyle and enriching outdoor experiences. Given this, there is currently no personalized guide that gives local residents the inspiration to actively go explore and learn the many recreation activities their city gives.


The enriching app highly focuses on encouraging local residents to be physically active. The main feature does just that by offering residents to navigate around either by bike or walking. The map uses simple marks to signify current location and upcoming stops.  Each distinct route offers a variety of landmarks to stop, activities and scenery. Each landmark is given a compelling narrative through captivating descriptions and images. These design choices give reliability and ignite curiosity.

iPhone mock up. Shows the UI for a bike route, walk route and home page.

1. Route Selection

Residents are given the option to explore the parks and lakes via two options: biking or walking. Each route contains different landmarks best suited for the mode of transportation chosen.

Part one of an interactive tutorial. Features an illustration of a tree.
Part 2 of a tutorial. Features a description card.Part 3 of a tutorial. Features a picture of a soccer ball and camera.

2. Tutorial

A 3 step tutorial. Shows inner functions as well as to enjoy the physical space.

A total of seven wireframes. Low- fidelity sketches that map out what the application will look like.

3. Map

Illustrative and simplified map with markers.

When the map opens up, a pop up box shows up to indicate the starting point.Map of lakes and walking route.
Marker icon.
Description of the Lyndale Rose Garden landmark.Description of the Lake Harriet Bandshell landmarkDescription of the Baker Museum landmark.
2-D rendering of the Minneapolis skyline.