Hi, I’m Michael Naula, a Minneapolis based graphic designer and photographer.

I specialize in developing stunning graphics to accompany aspiring small business and programs. Brand strategy and web design is my motivation to create and be inspired by new creative techniques. In addition, photography is another prolific skill of mine that is applied to both commercial and event settings.

A passion and goal of mine is implementing design thinking in the health care industry. New innovations spring up every time and I want to contribute to the vast number of new medical tools and services developed by UX/UI designers.

Currently at the University of Minnesota pursuing a BFA in graphic design and a product design minor.

Through courses, I have acquired the fundamentals of graphic design such as color theory, typography, HTML5 and CSS3.

As a rising designer, new insight about the creative industry interests me and gives a motive to learn new skills.

I have the privilege of being multilingual, other than English, I am fluent in Spanish and French.

portrait of Michael with sun glasses

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Graphic Design

  • Brand Identity
  • Magazines
  • Websites
  • packaging


  • Weddings
  • Graduations
  • Senior Pictures
  • Commercial


Want to work together or wanna give feedback/comments? You can reach me at: