Portrait of Michael Naula. The background is downtown Minneapolis.

Michael Naula here. Minneapolis is my home. I’m a strategist and digital design specialist who collaborates with leaders and visionaries. Pushing them to think critically.

In the past, my design background has allowed me to work on web design and branding projects for a variety of organizations here in the Twin Cities. Recently, the role of a designer for an independent eyewear company has inspired me to further explore this space. A rendezvous between luxury frames and healthcare. This is where I find myself.

The move going forward is to become a consulting figure. User experience, branding, and social media strategy are some of the many subjects that I continuously relearn in order to achieve that goal. To find patterns where design can make an impact on the health and wellbeing space. All while looking stylish. Stay tuned for what's to come.


I can list off my interests such as drawing, reading, football, and many more. However, one thing that will never get old is cooking. Cooking is enjoyable for me because it's another way to be creative and share my cooked meals with others. My first job was being a cook. Although very repetitive, the experience led me to my attachment to quesadillas, as it was an appetizer constantly ordered by customers.

Today, quesadillas are a go to answer for most things. An app to watch the football game? Quesadillas! A quick lunch? Quesadillas. To share my obsession, here is my chicken quesadilla recipe. I encourage you to make your own variation from this. Now get cooking!