I’m Michael Naula, a designer who calls Minneapolis my city. My time studying graphic design at the University of Minnesota now allows me to build brands and use design thinking principles.

With that behind, one focus area is building a reliable network of professionals. I’ve had the chance to chat with remarkable individuals both in and out of the field of design. This initiative led me to find people willing to share industry insights and who support my creative endeavors.

Currently,I continue to seek out projects where I can apply user experience.I continue to use my expertise to show others the value of design. I continue pursuing the healthcare industry.


I can list off my interests such as drawing, reading, anime, football, and many more, but one thing that will never get tiring is: cooking. Cooking is enjoyable for me because I can further exercise my creative mind and share my meals with others. My first job was being a cook. Although very repetitive and uninspiring, the experience led me to my attachment to quesadillas, as it was an appetizer constantly ordered by customers.

Today, quesadillas are a go to answer for most things. An app to watch the football game? Quesadillas! A quick lunch? Quesadillas. To share my obsession, here is my chicken quesadilla recipe. I encourage you to make your own variation from this. Now get cooking!