Article One ACTIVE

Quality, beauty and connection.

Article One is a Michigan based Independent eyewear company founded by designer Wes Stoody. Timeless styles, innovative optical and athletic oriented is what describes an Article One collection. Their expertise seeks to produce beautiful designs to address the desires of athletes of all kinds. In addition, the brand made strides in 2023 by launching partnership programs, sponsoring professional athlete-advocates and making a variety of philanthropic efforts. This is due to Article One’s drive to celebrate authenticity and individuality since its founding.


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Two models posing, one male and one female. Both wearing sunglasses from Article One Active collection.


The brand has begun to make an international presence. The Article One ACTIVE collection looks at reaching out and making the pitch that these are the right durable and stylish frames that athletes need for their day to day active lifestyle.


A combination of various digital channels to reach athletes and active lifestyle individuals. This target audience tends to go to social channels to discover news about the active space. Social media and newsletters were used to introduce the brand to active driven folks and encourage them to explore frames that match their daily routine.

Facebook Stories

Made with the intention to create awareness on the release of the Article One Active collection. The frames make the promise of improved performance for athletes through the use of compelling copy and campaign imagery.

Facebook story example. Features Article One Active Bancroft frames.
Facebook story. Model is wearing violet frames from Article Once Active.
Facebook story example. Features Article One Active Hoffman frames.

Facebook Ads

After awareness was created, the next step was to build up interest.  A promotion was implemented as well as an invitation to sign up for Article One’s newsletter for athletes to further learn about the frame’s features and benefits.

Facebook Ad. Features two people in the woods, one male and one female. Both are wearing Article One Sunglasses.
Facebook ad example. Features a man smiling while looking directly at the camera with his Article One Active Sunglasses.
A Facebook ad examples. Features a close up of a woman's face as she wears Article One Sunglasses.

Article One Newsletter

This month’s newsletter installment had the goal of having athletes yearning to get their hands on these frames. Besides giving an intro to the new ACTIVE collection, the newsletter features a story from an athleisure urban adventurer. The adventurer reveals why he takes his Article One ACTIVE frames everywhere. They give him confidence as he seeks out inspiration in the outdoors!

Finally, below the newsletter is a direct link to the webpage for 3 selected sunglasses. Athletes can see color options and potentially buy the frames.

Article One Active newsletter featuring a story from one of their patrons. Features selected frames like Hoffman and Bancroft.


This series of digital graphic solutions took athletes and sports enthusiasts through a journey with the Article One Active brand. Early pieces gave an introduction to why this collection exists and the emotional benefits that arise when you have these frames equipped for the active day.

By the end of this customer journey, the athlete sees via the newsletter how this sunglass collection makes a difference for a like minded individual. From there, they are encouraged to further explore a specific frame that the athlete wants to get their hands on using the website.