OGI Eyewear

That is OGI eyewear. This independent optical company strives to deliver frames to wearers who want imaginative styles at a great value. OGI eyewear offers optical shops and independent opticians a total of 5 different collections including the vintage Seraphin and the minimalist Red Rose by OGI. This eyewear company is a leader in premium fashion eyewear and each of their frames reflects innovation and originality.

Each brand is looking to expand its visual language but stay true to the original. Another criteria was to remain consistent with this expansion through various print and digital media. To meet these objectives, an audit was first conducted for each brand and identified visual elements that can be further expanded upon or combined together. From that analysis and client feedback, favored elements and graphics were applied. All applications were aimed to uphold the company’s values of quality, originality, and handcrafted.


  • Display & Exhibits

  • Book Design

  • Social Media

Print and Digital

Materials such as postcards and digital graphics were made to announce trunk show events or a sales promotion. Trunk show material was common to make as the event allowed sales representatives to come into an optical shop and display numerous frames for customers to try. As seen with some of the postcards, customers were encouraged to try and buy multiple pairs.

A printed postcard that promotes a trunk show event for  an optical shop called Eyes Vision.

A trunk show that coincides with a shop’s anniversary. The postcard made sure to give a festive and celebratory tone using bright colors and firework icons.

A digital graphic that promotes a trunk show for a shop called Original Eyewear.

A B2B balance between the eyewear company and the optical shop. This digital graphic promotes a trunk show that features an in-store sale while staying true to the eyewear company’s brand.

A green digital graphic that brings awareness to a promotion throughout the summer season.

A promotion intended for independent optical stores across the U.S. The graphic is both decorative for the summer time period and informative for the info that is being communicated.

Dictionary/ Look book

The purpose of this pocket size dictionary was to explain the inspiration behind each of the frame’s quirky names. The eyewear designer took significant landmarks and cultural motifs from the state of Minnesota and assigned them to each of his frames. That is the story he wanted to tell through this book that was seen by hundreds of attendees at Vision Expo.

Minnesota lingo dictionary front cover along with the first two inside pages.
Dictionary spread. Features a female model and the phrase. "Hello gorgeous" across the page.
Dictionary spread. Features a female model along with an illustration of the Koran frame.
Dictionary spread. Contains an illustration of the Minnesota Nice frame.
Dictionary spread that is text heavy. One of the dictionary terms is "for  Petes sakes."
Dictionary spread. Contains an illustration of the Dinky Town frame.

Social Media

This was a channel to continuously remind frame lovers OGI’s fun character and the unique styles that they offer. With 5 other brands to maintain, text and images were greatly used to illustrate each brand’s unique personality and the type of lifestyle the frame may appeal to. Social media had many purposes: to promote event, showcase a new frame, or feature influencers excited about the brand.

Social media post with an influencer modeling the new wisp frame.

An entry that continuously reminds followers of the big three words that describe the OGI brand. With a call to action to view the new Wisp frame.

Social media post that contains the word transparent with a pair of frames.

Two simple elements:text and image. The word “transparent” describes what Red Rose by OGI frames are all about.

Social media post that promotes a trunk show that is based on a larger graphic.

An example where a separate graphic was resized and adapted to a social media post.

Displays and Exhibits

Display materials are an essential decor item in independent optical stores in order to bring the best out of a new season collection. Pieces that make up an in-store display include posters, counter cards, acrylic blocks, window clings and many more.

A digital version of the Red Rose by OGI poster. Contains a male and female model.
A photo of the Red Rose by OGI poster inside an optical shop.
Counter card for a frame display. Contains a male and female model.
Counter card for a frame display. Contains a male model.
Red Rose by OGI display. Contains a counter card and the collection logo.
Red Rose by OGI display. Contains a campaign photo and counter card.