Partridge Peek Vision

"Step into our practice and feel the embrace of expert care."

Words that optometrist Kimbery Allen uses to welcome patients into her practice. She leads her team at Partridge Peek Vision, who serves the area of Bloomington, IL. Patients come in knowing they’ll receive personalized eye care and can depend on Partridge to be a reliable resource for treatments and procedures. Dr. Allen and her team find pride in providing an extensive collection of luxury frames for their patients to experience life with clear vision and look stylish.


  • Display & Exhibits

  • Graphic Design

  • Social Media

Rendition of the stick to eye care exhibit by Partridge Peek Vision. Features a play area for kids making slime and a space for parents to talk with the optometrist.


Partridge Peek Vision recently acquired new frame collections from various children brands. Partridge carefully selected collections that would interest patients in the area, but are looking to improve frame sales and build a reputation as experts in children's vision.


Organize an exhibition design for children and partner with a local school open house. This event will give parents the opportunity to learn more about the children frame collections from the Optometrist, kids will be entertained by various activities, and the local optical will have the opportunity to present themselves to their community.

Stick to Eye Care Exhibition

Designed for kids and a chance to get them excited about eye care. The exhibition, “stick with eye care,” got its name because the toys children love most. Slime and stickers.

Parents were the secondary audience. The exhibit dedicated a space for them to talk one on one with the Optometrist, Dr. Allen. She was available to talk about children eye care and the collection of children frames she offers. All while Partridge Peek Vision showed their involvement with the community.

Partridge Peek Vision's exhibition at a school gym. A pair banners are in the foreground. The banners explain how to make slime and other activities.

Social Media

Instagram was Partridge’s main social channel and allowed for reels to best resonate with both parents and children. Below are examples of how social media was used to promote the event and communicate the benefits of attending.

Awareness post for the stick to eye care exhibition by Partridge peek vision.

Provider, Parent and Child

Pull content with the intent of creating awareness of the event and chance to meet the optometrist.

Eyewear brands for kids. Social media post for Partridge Peek Vision.

Frame Show

Push content. To showcase the large collection of frames that kids can choose from and express their style.

Testimonial social media post for Partridge Peek Vision.

Kid Stamp of Approval

Help content. Parents may have questions surrounding the frame; testimonials from children are used to address concerns.


A variety of printed material was made for parents to get introduced to the optical and the care services they provide. A post card was made to introduce Dr. Allen, her background and the motivation behind her dedication to eye care. A half-page brochure was designed to list the eyewear brands for children and how to obtain them.

Back side of Partridge Peek Vision post card. Features Dr. Kimberly Allen.
Half page brochure of eyewear brands for children that Partridge Peek Vision offers.


After the event, this collaboration helped Partridge Peek Vision gain 11 new patients for eye exams. Along with this, there was an increase in children frame sales by 22%.

Most importantly, this event elevated Partridge's brand perception towards the community. Event participants commented that they see this practice as a trusted and reliable provider. A knowledgeable resource for eye care and beyond. They saw Dr. Allen's caring and joyful nature first hand. Transforming their views of her from any other optometrist to a warm friend.

Partridge Peek Vision post card. Front and back.