U of M Volunteer Webpage

The Pre-Health Student Resource Center, a department that resides under the University of Minnesota, is committed to helping students explore health careers. For 20 years, they have taught over 12,000 students. They also assist students in connecting them to volunteer and shadowing positions that prepare them for medical schools.


  • UX/ UI Design

  • Interaction Design

Horizontal orientation of webpage.


The PHSRC website fails to give clear information on the topic of volunteering and where to start the search process. The aim was to restructure the webpage to give current info so that health students can confidently seek out volunteer and shadowing positions.


The webpage features a diagram that walks through the volunteer seeking experience from start to finish, with an emphasis on how to overcome common obstacles. The visual and written language was designed for students to feel confident in participating and benefiting from the professional experience.

University of Minnesota volunteer webpage.

Volunteer Page

The main page acts as a launch pad to other subpages about relevant information like hospital volunteering and shadowing a professional.

Desktop mockup of webpage. Features a view of the whole page.Portrait orientation of the website.Female student in a lab.Tablet and mobile version of the website.