Wildlife Magazine Article

Communication and message. These were the driving factors for this magazine article. The editorial design and graphics needed to convey the importance of urban residents learning to coexist with wildlife critters.

A college was used to illustrate this juxtaposition of a lively metropolitan city and a diverse ecosystem of animals. Throughout the article there are cut outs of animals, skyscrapers and trees. A very immersive read.

Link to Washington Post Article.


  • Editorial Design

  • Graphic Design

Typographic lockup for the title of the article.Arts and crafts. Stickers of a bear, eagle and raccoon. Statistic. 90% of the U.S population is projected to Iive in urban areas by 2050. Close up view of the front page of the article. Title of the article, aa body of text and an image of a skyscraper.A house surrounded by trees, shrubs and other greenery.Top view of full spread. In the middle is a college of both animals and a city skyline.