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Hey there! My name is Michael Naula, a Minneapolis based UX designer. The idea of sitting down face to face with a confound problem, and exposing it with a solution motivates me as a creative person.

During the Covid lockdown, I made it a priority to code my portfolio from scratch (yes, this very site!) to showcase my expertise and to prepare myself for entry level opportunities. Aside from that, I developed my own design process and tapped into the realm of brand strategy. All with the help of You-Tube! These self-initiated activities lead to landing some noteworthy opportunities like being an exhibit designer.

Currently, I’m continuing to learn more about the field of UX design and building up my understanding of the business of design. The end goal is to apply the skills acquired to projects related to healthcare. I’m glad to be a designer and anticipate to work on challenging projects in the field of health care.


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Graphic Design

With a combination of technical skills and a grasp of the principles of design, creating visual identities for brands are a familiarity for me. I take an idea and shape it into a distant look, feel and voice.

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This is the sweet spot, where creativity and logic meet. There is much to do in order to build an experience that makes people’s lives easier. Research, ideation and collaboration. All in all with a focus of applying human centered design to the industry of healthcare.

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This is where collaboration comes into play, especially with non-designers. This comes in the form of meetings and workshops to uncover insights. This means uncovering business goals and determining a trajectory to shoot for.


Have an interest in collaborating together? Is there a need for a UX designer on a team? Or simply sit down to talk about design? Get in touch with me here: